Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pool Games

(or lake games)

We need a few Kid- friendly games for the water.

I've seen and read about a few, and i'd love to share!
If you have any, please share in the comments!!!

1.Sharks and minnows.
I'm sure you're familiar  with this game.
You have all of the kids line up on the shallow end of the pool. You choose one "Shark" to be the tagger and everyone else is a  "minnow".
The point of the game  for the minnows, is to be the last one "alive" ( the point for the sharks is to tag every minnow.)

The sharks say who can cross. (i.e. " everyone with blonde hair." or " everyone with goggles",etc.)
And the game goes on until there is only one (or two) minnow(s) left.

2.Obstacle Course Race
This game is mostly for the older kids.
You can set up underwater courses with hula hoops( weights to keep them down) limbo lines, coins, etc.
And put them on teams and have them swim through the hoops, under and over the limbo lines, and pick up certain coins, and anything else you have planned.

Those are all for today, please share your games in the comments!!!

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